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402-403, 5th floor, M- Arch Centre, Sus Road,
Sr No. 48/1/2/3, 48/1/2/12, 48/1/2/13
Baner, Pune (India) - 411021

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+91 8956 497 413

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Welcome to Mu-Sure+ Membership! We're excited to have you join our exclusive community. As a member, you'll unlock a world of benefits designed to support your healthcare journey. From discounted pricing to personalized services, Mu-Sure+ Membership is here to enhance your experience and help you achieve your health goals.

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Mu-Sure+ members enjoy special discounted pricing on tests, treatments, and services, allowing for significant savings on essential healthcare needs.

Mu-Sure+ members can easily avail themselves of discounted telehealth consultations and supervised testing sessions, ensuring they receive proper guidance and support throughout their healthcare journey.

Yes, the membership is offered on a monthly subscription basis, providing customers with the flexibility to cancel anytime through the app, ensuring they have control over their membership.

Members immediately receive their discount upon signing up, making it convenient to start saving on their healthcare purchases right away.

Potential members can take advantage of the first month free offer, allowing them to experience the benefits of Mu-Sure+ membership before committing to a subscription.

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