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402-403, 5th floor, M- Arch Centre, Sus Road,
Sr No. 48/1/2/3, 48/1/2/12, 48/1/2/13
Baner, Pune (India) - 411021

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+91 8956 497 413

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Vidcare revolutionizes healthcare delivery in hospitals with its state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions. From rapid testing capabilities to streamlined patient monitoring, our technologies empower hospitals to provide efficient and effective care.

“Elevating the standard of patient care through advanced diagnostics and streamlined healthcare delivery.”

Driving Community Health Initiatives

Vidcare’s solutions seamlessly integrate into hospital workflows, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions and optimize patient outcomes. .


Clinical Excellence

Elevating patient care through rapid diagnostics, patient-centered treatment, and operational efficiency enhancements.

  • imgRapid diagnostics
  • imgPatient-centered care
  • imgOperational efficiency

Whether it’s in the emergency department, inpatient units, or outpatient clinics, Vidcare’s innovative technologies enhance diagnostic accuracy, reduce turnaround times, and improve patient satisfaction. By partnering with Vidcare, hospitals can enhance clinical efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional care to patients