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402-403, 5th floor, M- Arch Centre, Sus Road,
Sr No. 48/1/2/3, 48/1/2/12, 48/1/2/13
Baner, Pune (India) - 411021

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+91 8956 497 413

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Our Vision

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Innovation

Pioneering healthcare with innovative solutions, Vidcare ensures accessibility, accuracy, and convenience for proactive health management and disease prevention.

  • Bridging Health Gaps

    Aiming to make timely health decisions for better outcomes.

  • Visionary Accessibility

    Pioneering accessible diagnostics for every individual.

Rohan Aggarwal

Founder, Vidcare Innovations
Our Mission

Empowering Health, Everywhere

Discover how Vidcare is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and ensuring optimal well-being for individuals worldwide.

Our innovative approach focuses on simplicity and convenience, making healthcare accessible to all, anywhere, anytime.

We are driven by integrity, compassion, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work and partnerships.

Through our cutting-edge solutions, we aim to positively impact millions of lives by improving health outcomes and fostering well-being.

Our Dedicated Experts

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Get to know the passionate individuals behind Vidcare's mission to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and empower healthier lives.

Rohan Aggarwal

Founder, Director

Karan Aggarwal


Himanshu Soni

Research Scientist

Dr. Saurabh K Srivastava

Chief Scientific Officer

Our Trusted Partners