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Health Revolution

Mu-sure: Revolutionizing Home Diagnostics for Better Health

The Mu-sure is a groundbreaking, easy-to-use blood diagnostics test in the form of a credit card-sized disposable chip. This innovative platform allows for convenient and rapid diagnosis of medical conditions, providing critical test results at home or in local health facilities.

Especially beneficial in areas with limited diagnostic resources, Mu-sure aims to bring healthcare diagnostics to people's doorsteps. Vidcare, utilizing this technology, focuses on preventing maternal, fetal, neonatal, and congenital complications.

Their initial product is a TSH assay designed for screening hypothyroidism, addressing a prevalent health concern in India and globally, which can lead to various complications if left untreated. Regular testing with Mu-sure can significantly improve the quality of life for patients while preventing serious conditions associated with hypothyroidism.


Easy Development, No Electronics, No Installation


Detect different levels at different stage; 2 drops of blood only

Anyone, Anywhere

Single step process, with immediate results in hand

Quick &Accurate Results

Rapid Diagnostics for Hypothyroidism and Diabetes Management

Mu-Sure offers swift, reliable health assessments, providing immediate insights for proactive healthcare decisions. With its user-friendly design, it's revolutionizing at-home diagnostics.

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